Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Person who live remarkable

I think Thomas A Edison is remarkable person. He invented more than 1,300 thing so his another name is 'King at inventing'. He had strong patience and perseverance so he could invent more than 1,300 thing. He did not give up and try again and again. I think his life is amazing.
Edison's perseverance and courage succeeded in the face of difficulties.
1847, Thomas Edison was born at USA, state of Ohio. Edison's mother thought that he could not live long because he was very weak when he was born. He had moved to a new house before he entered school. 1885 when he was eight, he stopped to go to the school. He went school only three month. He was always the last. His teacher thought, that he was stupid. His mother knew it, his mother taught him. His mother had taught children before Edison was born. Edison's favorite book was 'Science class'. He tried all experiments. He saw a 'Science class' book and tried it. Sometimes it explode. He was twelve, he sold newspaper. He said when " I was twelve, I was most happy than other time." 1836, he was sixteen he decided to become telegraph engineer.
He grew up, he was working. In 1871, he got his first office and in 1876, he got laboratory at New Jersey state. 6 years late, he started to provide electricity Edison bulb company Ful powerhouse. In 1869, he held a patent right for stock ticker. In 1877, he invented a talking machine. He invented the light bulb too. He failed 400 times but he did not give up and invented again and again. Finally he can invented the light bulb.
He was already dead but in people's minds, he lived there. I think, his life is remarkable. When he was eight, he was expelled from school because he always the lowest. But he grew up to be very nice. I think Edison is a really remarkable person.

Han Bi-Ya

Han Bi-Ya
"Because it makes my heart pound and my blood swarm" She answer when people ask Han Bi-Ya "Why do you do this job?" as a like that. She said people have to think about what make their heart pound and their blood swarm very seriously. She found a answer about that so she is happy now.
When she was in the wild in Africa, there was a surgeon. He was very famous, even if the president want to meet him, president world have to stand in line. Everybody told her he was very handsome and cool. When she met him, she disappointed but, her feelings changed in just 10 minutes. The place where he worked, skin disease spread so, when he treatment people, discharge flowed on his arms even thought he wear gloves but, he was look so happy. She could feel he loves his job. After he finish his work, she talked with him a bit. She asked him,"I heard you are very famous and competent doctor but, why do you work here?" He said "Yes, if I worked in Kenya maybe I might be very rich and live in comfort but, if I use my talent and skill just to make money that is too regrettable. Above all things, this job make my heart pound and my blood swarm." When she heard that, she shocked. She had read on a book people have to do something what make people's heart and their blood swarm but, that was first time she heard that go through person. She determined what if people ask her "why do you do this job?"she will answer as a like him.
Han Bi-Ya was born and lived at Seoul. Her father was a business journalist so, her family was richer than other families in her village. Her father put world map all over the house and tell about those world map everyday. Her father play a game what find countries's name, cities's name, mountain's and river's name so, she was interested at world and world map naturally. That time, she read a book what name is ‘김찬삼 세계 여행기’. That book's story was one Korean traveled all around world. She promised she would travel the world as a like that person with her father. Suddenly, her father dead so, her fortune was on the wane. He had taught her about problem in the world, economy problem before he dead.
After she graduated high school, she work so hard. She did many part time jobs and prepared for entrance into University. At that time she experienced very hard work. She entered at Hongik University. After graduating Hongik university, she went to the US to study . Then she went to the graduate school in the University of Utah. She studied world communications there. After she graduated from graduate school in University of Utah, she got a job in a world communications company but, suddenly she gave in her' resignation. Everybody were wondered why she resigned. She planned to travel all around world.
She traveled 65 countries by land as much as she could. She traveled only the wild for 7 years. She didn't sleep in hotels . She stayed in local's houses. She traveled alone so she was often lonely . Also she experienced many danger. If she was not lucky, she could have dead. On the way to travel, she found what she really want to do after she finish traveling. When she traveled Middle East and Africa, she interested in refugee problem . Before she traveled around world, she around world, she wasn't interested in refugee problem. She saw refugees directly. It was so terrible. Everychildren was too skinny and have disease in refugee village. she shocked that if they had 800 won they could save one child's life so, she decided what after she finish traveling, she will get a job what closely with refugee problem. After she finished traveling, she published books. She had published books before she got a job. Some companies contacted to her and ask "Would you work in our company?".That company was 'UNICEF (the United Nations Children's Fund) '. They had read her books before they contacted her. She wanted to have a job what helping refugee children so, she accepted the proposal without question .She worked at where needed people's help like areas damaged by tsunami .
Now, she studying about rescue for be a better rescue workers. If she achieve her's goal, she has to live until 120 years old. Now, her dream is to be a better rescue worker. She doesn't know her last dream either . Maybe, she will be a better rescue worker . She will pioneer the path to descendant to fallow.

Ototake Hirotada

Ototake Hirotada

Ototake Hirotada is disabled. He doesn't have
arms and legs since he was born. People were amazed,
but he thought 'My disability is just my body feature.'
He was active and cheery. He didn't give up his body.
His actions showed great courage and hope.

When he was born, doctors shocked, so they didn't
show Oto to his mother about one month. After one
month, doctors showed him to his mother. Most of
people thought his mother would shock and cry, but
his mother wasn't shocked. She was glad and happy.
Oto grew with his parent's love. He had studied with
his father before he started kindergarten. One day,
he started kindergarten. He made lots of friends at
there. He didn't ashame about his body and explained
about his arms and legs to his friends.

In elementary school, he was active and cheery.
One day, teacher told to students 'Pick up the garbage.'
The other students picked up the garbage with their
hands. Instead, Oto picked up the garbage with his
mouth. He didn't think 'I'm different.' He tried to do
everything himself. He accomplished many things
that other disabled people said could not be done.
He tried to play baseball, basketball and swim. He
always have courage.

He experienced many things in high school, too.
He likes festivals. He was the movie director one time.
He had directed the movie at the school festival
before he graduated high school. He doesn't give up
before he tries somethings. He studied hard, too. He
wanted to go to Waseda University, but he had got a
terrible score before he studied hard. He studied as
hard as other students. He doesn't have arms, but
he writes with his mouth. He studied hard and he
passed the ezam and went to Waseda University.

Now, he lives independently. He does 'Barrier
Free' motion. This is motion for gives courage to
people. He went Korea for 'Barrier Free', too. He
will study hard and does 'Barrier Free' motion,
continuously. He wants to give courage and hope
to people.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Importance of parents' involvement in their children's education

Importance of parent's involvement in their children's education

Most people think education is important. Most parent's care about their
children's education. Parents' involvement is so important for children's studying.
Children's experiences are not enough for studying, so they need more experiences
and information for studying. Parents have more experiences and information, so they
can help their children with education. Parents can get more information from differents
ways. They know more knowledge. They have gotten information in different ways. If
parents don't care about children's education, children will find information to hard.
Education is difficult for children. They can't think and make plan about education
to easy. Parents have more experiences and knowledge, so they can advise their children.
If parents advise their children about education, children will get more information and
think about education easily.
Parents have experiences from their childhood. Parents know about children's feelings,
so they can encourage their children. Children will get courage about their education. If
children get courage from their parents, they will improve their studying.
Children don't have a lot of experiences and information about education, so they
need help. They get knowledge from their parents. Parents' involvement in their children's
education is important for their studying.

Dangers of smoking

Dangers of Smoking

In the world, more than 1000,000,000 people are smoking. More than four hundred people dyng because of smoking every year. Smoking is a very dangerous action.
Many bad things are in the cigarette. Acetone, tar, methanol, naphthalene, nicotine, ammonia and many other bad things are in the cigarettes. Acetone is matter what put in to a nail polish remover. Naphthalene is in preservatives and repellent . Tar is very dangerous substance. In the lung, there are very tiny hairs stick in the lung. Those hairs are very important . Those hairs filter bad things but if you smoke, tar accrue in your lung and it can't fitter bad things so bad things accrue in your body. Nicotine have strong addiction so you can quit smoking easily.
Lung cancer, stroke, arteriosclerosis , diabetes, Buerger's disease, laryngeal cancer ,kidney cancer. Those diseases are very dangerous diseases. If you smoke ,you may contract that diseases. All of those diseases are very dangerous but if you smoke you will contract those diseases easily. Those diseases are painful and very hard to fix.
If you smoke, your family and your friends are exposed to second-hand smoking. Second-hand smoke is as dangerous as smoking. It 's more dangerous than normal smoking because people breathe in cigarette smoke without the filter . Also, you can contract cancer from second-hand smoking. If pregnant woman does second-hand smoke , it affects to baby's lungs and heart so, the baby can die. Second-hand smoke affects kids more than adults because kids's lungs and hearts are not mature yet.
Smoking is very dangerous. Smoking or not smoking is your choice but, you have to know quitting smoking is very hard.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Smoking cause many dangers to many people.

Smoking cause many dangers to many people.

These days many people are smoking. Men, women, and teenagers smoke so it is bad news for many people. Many people become sick or die from smoking. Smoking is dangerous and bad for health. Cigarettes are addictive, so people have a hard time to stop smoking and the health gets worse. Let's look at some examples of the dangers of smoking.
So many people are smoking and so many people are dying too. Every year, 3,500,000~4,000,000 people die from smoking disease like lung cancer, gastric cancer, tongue cancer and liver cancer.
Smoking is addictive so if teenagers are smoking, they will die sooner. Teenagers are weak than adults so cigarettes are more dangerous to them. We should make teenagers stop smoking. If adults stop smoking first than teenagers will stop.
80%~90% of lung cancer patients get lung cancer because of smoking. Some ingredients in cigarettes cause cancer. 80% of the dead people of cancer die from lung cancer. We can treat it but it is dangerous.
These example were showing smoking cause many dangers to many people, so smoking adult and smoking teenagers should do one's best to stop smoking.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

more and more people traveling by air

More and more people traveling by air
More and more people are traveling by air. I think the reasons why people are starting to travel by air is because it is more convenient ,faster, safer than other ways.
As Koreans , everyone has experience of traffic jam. Traffic jams is a big annoyance and it exert a bad influence on people when they have meetings. If people are traveling by car they usually have traffic jams so traffic jams are the big reason why more people are traveling by air. Also airplanes are the most comfortable way to travel . If you travel by car for long time, it is not comfortable . Maybe you will tired but if you travel by airplane, you can listen to music and watch movies while you are traveling . Also, you can sleep comfortably.
Second reason why more and more people are traveling by airplanes are faster than other travel by car and train . For example, if you go to Busan from Seoul by bus , it will take about 6 hours by trains (KTX) it will take about two hours and 50 minutes. Buses and trains take such a long time but, if you go to Busan from Seoul , I take just 55 minutes. Airplane is faster than other ways.
Fnally, my last reason why more and more people are traveling by air is because it is safer than other ways. For example, car accident percentage is 21.85%. That is very high percent but airplane accident percentage is just 0.1%. That percent is very low than car accident percent.
nce airplanes are faster, more comfortable, and safer, it becoming more and more popular every day.

Monday, December 21, 2009

More of the world's forests are being cut down

More of the world's forests are being cut down
More of the world's forests are being cut down. People use a lot of trees for different purposes. People use trees for paper. Most of people use paper, so many countries cut down the forests to make paper. People also want land for cities and farms.
Canada is the best exporting pulp country in the world. Paper industry of Canada is increasing their earnings. In 2001, they exported three million tons of pulp. Most people use paper and need it. Paper is made of pulp, and pulp is made of trees. So, people have to cut down a lot of trees. Canada's forests are being cut down, U.S.A, Sweden and Finland's forests are being cut down,too.
A lot of forests occupy some countries, so they want develop cities. They want to cut down the forests, and to improve land. For example, Amazon forests occupy a lot of area in Brazil. So, Brazil want to cut down Amazon forest and develop cities. If Brazil cuts Amazon forest, the world will have big problems. The air will decrease and world will have many environment problems. But Brazil needs more land for industry or farms. Some people want to build roads and buildings so, they will cut down the forests.
People needs food. People must eat food to live. But some countries' food is not enough. So, a lot of people starve. They cut down forests to make farms.
People use trees for many purposes. People needs papers and land for cities and farms. Forests have given us lots of thing and more of the world's forests are being cut down

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Many people are wearing mask

Many people are wearing masks

These days people wear masks a lot. People wearing masks for different purpose. These days most big three purpose are to prevent H1N1 flu, the cold weather, and to protect from dirt.
So many people have the H1N1 flu and it is contagious so people should prevent against the H1N1 flu. In the world, 300,000 people have had the H1N1 flu, and 3,000 people have died from it. In Korea, 10,000 people have had the H1N1 flu. 40 people died because the H1N1 flu. But the normal flu is more dangerous than the H1N1 flu because 4,000 people have died from the normal flu, but only 3,000 people have died from the H1N1 flu.
Why are many people wearing masks? The second reason is the weather. The weather is so cold so we should prevent the cold air from going into the lungs. People should protect the face from the wind and make the face warm.
The final reason is to protect from dirt. For example, people should protect the lungs from flying dust, to protect the face from spit or to protect body from viruses. Dust is bad for your health.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Joanne K. Rowling

Joanne K. Rowling likes to write interesting stories. She was born in England. She was married in Portugal, but she was divorced. She went to Edinburgh with her baby. She didn't have a job. She liked to write stories, so she decided to write a famous novel, Harry Potter. She started to write Harry Potter's adventure tales in a coffee shop nearby her home. When she was wrote a story, she had a hard time. Now, she succeededs of Harry Potter.
Harry Potter become very famous. Very many people buy and read it. A lot of these books sold very fast. She became famous, too. She got 'The Nestle Smarties Book Prize Gold Award' and 'Author of the Year'. This prize is a best literature prize in England. She got a 'Children's Book of the Year', too. One director, David Yates, made a movie a movie 'Harry Potter'. Lots of people have liked it and watched it. Some people have liked books more, but some people have liked movies. All these things do honor to her.
When Joanne K. Rowling was young, she liked to make incredible stories. She talked many incredible and imaginary stories to people and to her sister. When she was 6 years old,she was crazy about 'Rabbit'. She loved to write 'Rabbit' stories. She wrote some fairy tales, too. She had writing ability in her childhood. She graduated Exeter college literature course and worked for English teacher in Portugal. She was married, but for some reason, she divorced. She went to Edinburgh with her baby. She got a little apartment. She didn't have a job, so she lived with life assistance money. When she didn't have powdered milk, she gave water to her baby. She decided to write fairy tales. She went to the coffee shop nearby her home and started to write a 'Harry Potter' story.
Joanne K.Rowling always ordered a cup of coffee and stayed for long time in coffee shop. But a coffee shop's owner didn't hate her. She always wrote Harry Potter's adventure stories in a coffee shop. Finally, she finished writing 'Harry Potter and the Philosophe's Stone'. So, she gave it to some publishers, but they refused to print her story. So she wrote 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets', but she didn't have any copy money. So she got a typing machine and she typed the same story two tomes for a typing machine. At last, she succeeded to finish writing. She had a very hard time.
Now, she got a lot of money. She has more money than a Queen of England. She succeeds of Harry Potter. Many people buy it and read it. She wroteseven stories. Most people like all seven stories. She remarried. She is having a happy time. She answers people who send fan letters. She thinks love, sacrifice and confidence are important. She stressed these things in Harry Potter. She is a very imaginative and nice novelist.

My lifeguard

My lifeguard

In spring, 2004, I went a trip because of kindergarten named Wonderland. I went swimming with my friends and some teachers. I think teachers choose a very nice day because that day was very hot and sunny. Sweat dropped at my face, my friends faces and teacher's faces.

We went to the swimmingpool because it was hot all week so we looked so tired. Teachers said to go to the swimmingpool. We felt like flying on the sky. We went to the with our swimsuits. Some friends colud not to go to the house because the house was so far. However it was okay. They borrowed the teacher's money and rent swimsuit at the swimmingpool. We swam a lot. We rode the tube slide. It was fun. I rode this slide many times. My friends liked it too.

My lifeguard is Jenny. She taught my class and some other classes. I was her pupil. She was very nice to me. She had a nice voice and beautiful brown hair. When she smiled, she looked like an angel and she could do almost anything. I liked her very much and I am thankful to her. She saved my life at the swimmingpool. Have you any experienced someone saved your life? If you have maybe you would be very thankful to them.
Jenny was my teacher and I am her pupil. She was my teacher in kindergarten named Wonderland too. She taught me many things. For example she taught English, making some new things, interesting chants, some English vocabulary, and a little Korean. She taught it interesting so I could learn more easily. I think she knew what was interesting to kids. Maybe she had still at it. I liked her teaching skill, too. She really liked kids. When I grow up, will kids think liked them?
At swimmingpool me and my friends were swimming and playing together. We had a swimming battle so we were swimming very eagerly. It was a reason for the accident. All of my friends were swimming so eagerly so they splashed a lot of water for me. I could not watch. I was wearing goggles but there are so much water splashing so i could not watch. At that time, I lost my balance and fell into the water. I was so scared.
Jenny was my lifeguard. She saw me fell into water and she pulled me out of water. When I came out of water, I cried a lot but not too loudly. In the afternoon my friends and I arrived to their home and ate lunch. I ate lunch with my family but I ate so little, my parents were worried about me. Still I was very surprise and tired so I fell sleep.
If I have chance to meet her again, I want to say thank again and again. I really want to meet her someday.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Kyeong- Ju
Kyeong-Ju is the most famous and popular tourist city in Korea. I have beene Kyeong-Ju two times . It was fun and I felt interesting there. There are many beautiful and interesting things in Kyeong-Ju , maybe that is why Kyeong-Ju is the most famous and popular tourist city.
Silla is one country. Also Kyeong-Ju has cultures of Silla.
Kyeong-Ju is in Gyeongsangbuk-do. Kyeong-Ju has many stories of Silla, also it has many cultural sites of Silla. Kyeong-Ju has so much history of Silla so, if Kyeong-Ju was not there, people could not know about many history of Silla. Kyeong-Ju was the capital city of Silla. Silla's royal family lived at Kyeong-Ju so some the ruins of a castle left in there. Kyeong-Ju has many funny and strange stories.
There are many cultural sites at Kyeong-Ju, for example Silla king's tomb Chunmachong , famous temple Bulguksa, beautiful cave Seokguram. My favorite cultural sites was Bulguksa. Bulguksa is the most famous and popular temple in South Korea. It is big and beautiful. There are many statuees of Buddha and two famous towers in bulguksa. Dabo tower and Sukga tower are in bulguksa. Dabo tower picture is on 10 coin. Many people think Sukga tower is like a women, Dado tower is like man. Dabo tower is more splendid than Sukga tower. Dabo tower and Sukga tower are both beautiful and nice. Near Bulguksa, Sakguram is like a cave.
It is peaceful and beautiful place. There is a big statue of Buddha in Seokguram. That buddha is white. When people look at image of Buddha , they can feel so peaceful. It was really clean before Japanese controled Korea. At that time Japanese took the jewel from Buddha 's head. They made it very awful. There are many statues behind the image of Buddha , They are very nice and cool. In the middle of Kyeong-Ju, Chunmachong is Silla king's tomb. I also like Chunmachong too. It is very big. Silla king's tomb is very different from other countries king's tomb , It is very big.
It is also wide too. It is as high as 2nd floor. People found king's crowns,
bracelets and a picture of horse in Cunmachong. Many other cultural assets are at Kyeong-Ju I like all the sites what I visit.
Kyeong-Ju is a very good place to travel. It is nice, beautiful, and cool.
I have been to Kyeong-Ju two times. I really want to recommend visiting Kyeong-Ju with your family.

Monday, October 12, 2009


I am amazed at Hwa-seong because it is so big and tall. It is very hard to see all of Hwa-seong. There are so many things to look and so big. But I like Hwa-seong because I respect Jeong -joe.
Jeong-joe was king in Joe-seon, one of the countries long ago. He finished building Hwa-seong in 1800. Do you know why he built Hwa-seong? He built Hwa-seong because he wanted to move his father's grave. Hwa-seong is a castle that defended the kingdom from enemies. He wanted to make it bigger. It was one of his dreams.
Hwa-seong is in Suwon. Suwon is in gyeonggi-do. Hwa-seong is a symbolof Suwon. Many people go Suwon to visit and to see Hwa-seong. If you pay,anyone can enter this historical and educational place. Circumference of Hwa-seong is 5,744m, and it width is maybe 390,000 pyeong. It is like a castle on a hill. It is good for learning history. Jeong-joe really wanted to move his father's tomb. Hwa-seong is big and tall so people who do not know historythink many people worked to build Hwa-seong . However Jeong-jak-yoeung, a scientist, made a machine called Geo-joong-gi. It was very comfortable to buildHwa-seong so this machine was important at that time. It helped Hwa-seong to be finished fast.
As you enter, if you go left you can see little Hwa-seong. Sometimes you can take Hwa-seong freight train there. If you go by train or on foot you can see Hwa-se-moon, Jang-an-moon, Chang-ryong-moon, and Pal-dal-moon. They are four big doors. You can see Hwa-seong in this order too. Jeong-joe rested at Hwa-seong for a long time. Hwa-seong is so big and tall so it is busy and loud.
After hundreds of years, the Hwa-seong remains a historical place. I felt Jeong-joe loved his father very much so I will respect my parents more and love them more than jeong-joe. I think jeong-jak-yoeung always thought of people first and helped people very much. He was a wise and smart scientist. Hwa-seong is a good place to learn history.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Jeju Island

The island in Korea, Jeju Island is a beautiful place for a trip. It is located in the lower part of Korea. Jeju Island is near Jeollanamdo. Jeollanamdo is one province of Korea. Jeju Island is an island, so you should go to there by plane or ship. I went there by plane. Jeju Island is more natural than other cities, so it is a famous tourist city.
There area many beautiful things in Jeju Island. In Jeju Island, we can see tropical trees and a lot of flowers. It is very beautiful. Jeju Island made mostly of basalt. It is strange and nice, because it has many holes. Some people detest basalt, but it is nice. Jeju Island is very natural. In some places, you can see wide flatland and many mountains. Jeju Island has many views. If you see that, you will feel peaceful and cool. Jeju Island is great for sightseeing. If you have a lot of time, you can go to many places. Jeju Island's tangerines are great. Many people buy Jeju Island's tangerines. They are very delicious. You can go to tangerine museum. In there, you can see many kinds of tangerines. Near the tangerine museum, we can see Chungeyun and Jung bang waterfalls. If you see waterfalls, you will feel so cool. The teddy bear museum is near Chungeyun waterfall. You can see many cute teddy bears, but the souvenir teddy bears are expensive. The north of teddy bear museum, you can see a green tea museum. Near a green tea museum, wide green tea fields it in. North of the museum, you can find Hanlim park and botanic garden. It is very fresh and peaceful. You can see many plants and trees at there. If you go east for a long time, you will find the Jeju folkway museum. I think you can see many things about Jeju Island there. Near the sea, many people want to board excursion ships, because they want to see nice views of sea and rocks. They are cool and fresh. Many people visit the pillar-shaped rocks, Jusangjurly. There are very nice and beautiful.
The scabbard fish is not very famous, but it is delicious. If you have a guide, you can find scabbard fish restaurants easily. Scabbard fish is delicious. Many people want to try poop pig. It is very delicious, too. Jeju Island is an island, so waman divers find marine products in the sea. You can eat many kinds of marine products there.
Jeju Island is good for travel and sightseeing. We can discover many new thins and enjoy it. Jeju Island is a natural island, so it is good for a vacation trip. Jeju Island is a beautiful and peaceful island.