Monday, December 21, 2009

More of the world's forests are being cut down

More of the world's forests are being cut down
More of the world's forests are being cut down. People use a lot of trees for different purposes. People use trees for paper. Most of people use paper, so many countries cut down the forests to make paper. People also want land for cities and farms.
Canada is the best exporting pulp country in the world. Paper industry of Canada is increasing their earnings. In 2001, they exported three million tons of pulp. Most people use paper and need it. Paper is made of pulp, and pulp is made of trees. So, people have to cut down a lot of trees. Canada's forests are being cut down, U.S.A, Sweden and Finland's forests are being cut down,too.
A lot of forests occupy some countries, so they want develop cities. They want to cut down the forests, and to improve land. For example, Amazon forests occupy a lot of area in Brazil. So, Brazil want to cut down Amazon forest and develop cities. If Brazil cuts Amazon forest, the world will have big problems. The air will decrease and world will have many environment problems. But Brazil needs more land for industry or farms. Some people want to build roads and buildings so, they will cut down the forests.
People needs food. People must eat food to live. But some countries' food is not enough. So, a lot of people starve. They cut down forests to make farms.
People use trees for many purposes. People needs papers and land for cities and farms. Forests have given us lots of thing and more of the world's forests are being cut down

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  1. Sofia--I'm curious about your opinion. Could you tell me in one sentence how you feel about deforestation?