Friday, October 9, 2009

Jeju Island

The island in Korea, Jeju Island is a beautiful place for a trip. It is located in the lower part of Korea. Jeju Island is near Jeollanamdo. Jeollanamdo is one province of Korea. Jeju Island is an island, so you should go to there by plane or ship. I went there by plane. Jeju Island is more natural than other cities, so it is a famous tourist city.
There area many beautiful things in Jeju Island. In Jeju Island, we can see tropical trees and a lot of flowers. It is very beautiful. Jeju Island made mostly of basalt. It is strange and nice, because it has many holes. Some people detest basalt, but it is nice. Jeju Island is very natural. In some places, you can see wide flatland and many mountains. Jeju Island has many views. If you see that, you will feel peaceful and cool. Jeju Island is great for sightseeing. If you have a lot of time, you can go to many places. Jeju Island's tangerines are great. Many people buy Jeju Island's tangerines. They are very delicious. You can go to tangerine museum. In there, you can see many kinds of tangerines. Near the tangerine museum, we can see Chungeyun and Jung bang waterfalls. If you see waterfalls, you will feel so cool. The teddy bear museum is near Chungeyun waterfall. You can see many cute teddy bears, but the souvenir teddy bears are expensive. The north of teddy bear museum, you can see a green tea museum. Near a green tea museum, wide green tea fields it in. North of the museum, you can find Hanlim park and botanic garden. It is very fresh and peaceful. You can see many plants and trees at there. If you go east for a long time, you will find the Jeju folkway museum. I think you can see many things about Jeju Island there. Near the sea, many people want to board excursion ships, because they want to see nice views of sea and rocks. They are cool and fresh. Many people visit the pillar-shaped rocks, Jusangjurly. There are very nice and beautiful.
The scabbard fish is not very famous, but it is delicious. If you have a guide, you can find scabbard fish restaurants easily. Scabbard fish is delicious. Many people want to try poop pig. It is very delicious, too. Jeju Island is an island, so waman divers find marine products in the sea. You can eat many kinds of marine products there.
Jeju Island is good for travel and sightseeing. We can discover many new thins and enjoy it. Jeju Island is a natural island, so it is good for a vacation trip. Jeju Island is a beautiful and peaceful island.


  1. Very good essay! I've been there and I agree that it is a beautiful place for a vacation!

  2. I can know about Je-ju very well.