Saturday, October 31, 2009

My lifeguard

My lifeguard

In spring, 2004, I went a trip because of kindergarten named Wonderland. I went swimming with my friends and some teachers. I think teachers choose a very nice day because that day was very hot and sunny. Sweat dropped at my face, my friends faces and teacher's faces.

We went to the swimmingpool because it was hot all week so we looked so tired. Teachers said to go to the swimmingpool. We felt like flying on the sky. We went to the with our swimsuits. Some friends colud not to go to the house because the house was so far. However it was okay. They borrowed the teacher's money and rent swimsuit at the swimmingpool. We swam a lot. We rode the tube slide. It was fun. I rode this slide many times. My friends liked it too.

My lifeguard is Jenny. She taught my class and some other classes. I was her pupil. She was very nice to me. She had a nice voice and beautiful brown hair. When she smiled, she looked like an angel and she could do almost anything. I liked her very much and I am thankful to her. She saved my life at the swimmingpool. Have you any experienced someone saved your life? If you have maybe you would be very thankful to them.
Jenny was my teacher and I am her pupil. She was my teacher in kindergarten named Wonderland too. She taught me many things. For example she taught English, making some new things, interesting chants, some English vocabulary, and a little Korean. She taught it interesting so I could learn more easily. I think she knew what was interesting to kids. Maybe she had still at it. I liked her teaching skill, too. She really liked kids. When I grow up, will kids think liked them?
At swimmingpool me and my friends were swimming and playing together. We had a swimming battle so we were swimming very eagerly. It was a reason for the accident. All of my friends were swimming so eagerly so they splashed a lot of water for me. I could not watch. I was wearing goggles but there are so much water splashing so i could not watch. At that time, I lost my balance and fell into the water. I was so scared.
Jenny was my lifeguard. She saw me fell into water and she pulled me out of water. When I came out of water, I cried a lot but not too loudly. In the afternoon my friends and I arrived to their home and ate lunch. I ate lunch with my family but I ate so little, my parents were worried about me. Still I was very surprise and tired so I fell sleep.
If I have chance to meet her again, I want to say thank again and again. I really want to meet her someday.

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