Saturday, October 31, 2009

Joanne K. Rowling

Joanne K. Rowling likes to write interesting stories. She was born in England. She was married in Portugal, but she was divorced. She went to Edinburgh with her baby. She didn't have a job. She liked to write stories, so she decided to write a famous novel, Harry Potter. She started to write Harry Potter's adventure tales in a coffee shop nearby her home. When she was wrote a story, she had a hard time. Now, she succeededs of Harry Potter.
Harry Potter become very famous. Very many people buy and read it. A lot of these books sold very fast. She became famous, too. She got 'The Nestle Smarties Book Prize Gold Award' and 'Author of the Year'. This prize is a best literature prize in England. She got a 'Children's Book of the Year', too. One director, David Yates, made a movie a movie 'Harry Potter'. Lots of people have liked it and watched it. Some people have liked books more, but some people have liked movies. All these things do honor to her.
When Joanne K. Rowling was young, she liked to make incredible stories. She talked many incredible and imaginary stories to people and to her sister. When she was 6 years old,she was crazy about 'Rabbit'. She loved to write 'Rabbit' stories. She wrote some fairy tales, too. She had writing ability in her childhood. She graduated Exeter college literature course and worked for English teacher in Portugal. She was married, but for some reason, she divorced. She went to Edinburgh with her baby. She got a little apartment. She didn't have a job, so she lived with life assistance money. When she didn't have powdered milk, she gave water to her baby. She decided to write fairy tales. She went to the coffee shop nearby her home and started to write a 'Harry Potter' story.
Joanne K.Rowling always ordered a cup of coffee and stayed for long time in coffee shop. But a coffee shop's owner didn't hate her. She always wrote Harry Potter's adventure stories in a coffee shop. Finally, she finished writing 'Harry Potter and the Philosophe's Stone'. So, she gave it to some publishers, but they refused to print her story. So she wrote 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets', but she didn't have any copy money. So she got a typing machine and she typed the same story two tomes for a typing machine. At last, she succeeded to finish writing. She had a very hard time.
Now, she got a lot of money. She has more money than a Queen of England. She succeeds of Harry Potter. Many people buy it and read it. She wroteseven stories. Most people like all seven stories. She remarried. She is having a happy time. She answers people who send fan letters. She thinks love, sacrifice and confidence are important. She stressed these things in Harry Potter. She is a very imaginative and nice novelist.

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