Saturday, October 17, 2009


Kyeong- Ju
Kyeong-Ju is the most famous and popular tourist city in Korea. I have beene Kyeong-Ju two times . It was fun and I felt interesting there. There are many beautiful and interesting things in Kyeong-Ju , maybe that is why Kyeong-Ju is the most famous and popular tourist city.
Silla is one country. Also Kyeong-Ju has cultures of Silla.
Kyeong-Ju is in Gyeongsangbuk-do. Kyeong-Ju has many stories of Silla, also it has many cultural sites of Silla. Kyeong-Ju has so much history of Silla so, if Kyeong-Ju was not there, people could not know about many history of Silla. Kyeong-Ju was the capital city of Silla. Silla's royal family lived at Kyeong-Ju so some the ruins of a castle left in there. Kyeong-Ju has many funny and strange stories.
There are many cultural sites at Kyeong-Ju, for example Silla king's tomb Chunmachong , famous temple Bulguksa, beautiful cave Seokguram. My favorite cultural sites was Bulguksa. Bulguksa is the most famous and popular temple in South Korea. It is big and beautiful. There are many statuees of Buddha and two famous towers in bulguksa. Dabo tower and Sukga tower are in bulguksa. Dabo tower picture is on 10 coin. Many people think Sukga tower is like a women, Dado tower is like man. Dabo tower is more splendid than Sukga tower. Dabo tower and Sukga tower are both beautiful and nice. Near Bulguksa, Sakguram is like a cave.
It is peaceful and beautiful place. There is a big statue of Buddha in Seokguram. That buddha is white. When people look at image of Buddha , they can feel so peaceful. It was really clean before Japanese controled Korea. At that time Japanese took the jewel from Buddha 's head. They made it very awful. There are many statues behind the image of Buddha , They are very nice and cool. In the middle of Kyeong-Ju, Chunmachong is Silla king's tomb. I also like Chunmachong too. It is very big. Silla king's tomb is very different from other countries king's tomb , It is very big.
It is also wide too. It is as high as 2nd floor. People found king's crowns,
bracelets and a picture of horse in Cunmachong. Many other cultural assets are at Kyeong-Ju I like all the sites what I visit.
Kyeong-Ju is a very good place to travel. It is nice, beautiful, and cool.
I have been to Kyeong-Ju two times. I really want to recommend visiting Kyeong-Ju with your family.


  1. Sounds like an interesting place. I can't help but wonder what you mean by Silla? I don't really understand that part.

  2. I think Kyeong-Ju is historical and beautiful place.

  3. Good job, Bella! Maybe you could explain in more detail what Silla is.

  4. I got more information of Kyeong-Ju. I think Kyeong-Ju is so interesting place.