Monday, January 11, 2010

Dangers of smoking

Dangers of Smoking

In the world, more than 1000,000,000 people are smoking. More than four hundred people dyng because of smoking every year. Smoking is a very dangerous action.
Many bad things are in the cigarette. Acetone, tar, methanol, naphthalene, nicotine, ammonia and many other bad things are in the cigarettes. Acetone is matter what put in to a nail polish remover. Naphthalene is in preservatives and repellent . Tar is very dangerous substance. In the lung, there are very tiny hairs stick in the lung. Those hairs are very important . Those hairs filter bad things but if you smoke, tar accrue in your lung and it can't fitter bad things so bad things accrue in your body. Nicotine have strong addiction so you can quit smoking easily.
Lung cancer, stroke, arteriosclerosis , diabetes, Buerger's disease, laryngeal cancer ,kidney cancer. Those diseases are very dangerous diseases. If you smoke ,you may contract that diseases. All of those diseases are very dangerous but if you smoke you will contract those diseases easily. Those diseases are painful and very hard to fix.
If you smoke, your family and your friends are exposed to second-hand smoking. Second-hand smoke is as dangerous as smoking. It 's more dangerous than normal smoking because people breathe in cigarette smoke without the filter . Also, you can contract cancer from second-hand smoking. If pregnant woman does second-hand smoke , it affects to baby's lungs and heart so, the baby can die. Second-hand smoke affects kids more than adults because kids's lungs and hearts are not mature yet.
Smoking is very dangerous. Smoking or not smoking is your choice but, you have to know quitting smoking is very hard.

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