Monday, January 11, 2010

Importance of parents' involvement in their children's education

Importance of parent's involvement in their children's education

Most people think education is important. Most parent's care about their
children's education. Parents' involvement is so important for children's studying.
Children's experiences are not enough for studying, so they need more experiences
and information for studying. Parents have more experiences and information, so they
can help their children with education. Parents can get more information from differents
ways. They know more knowledge. They have gotten information in different ways. If
parents don't care about children's education, children will find information to hard.
Education is difficult for children. They can't think and make plan about education
to easy. Parents have more experiences and knowledge, so they can advise their children.
If parents advise their children about education, children will get more information and
think about education easily.
Parents have experiences from their childhood. Parents know about children's feelings,
so they can encourage their children. Children will get courage about their education. If
children get courage from their parents, they will improve their studying.
Children don't have a lot of experiences and information about education, so they
need help. They get knowledge from their parents. Parents' involvement in their children's
education is important for their studying.

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