Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ototake Hirotada

Ototake Hirotada

Ototake Hirotada is disabled. He doesn't have
arms and legs since he was born. People were amazed,
but he thought 'My disability is just my body feature.'
He was active and cheery. He didn't give up his body.
His actions showed great courage and hope.

When he was born, doctors shocked, so they didn't
show Oto to his mother about one month. After one
month, doctors showed him to his mother. Most of
people thought his mother would shock and cry, but
his mother wasn't shocked. She was glad and happy.
Oto grew with his parent's love. He had studied with
his father before he started kindergarten. One day,
he started kindergarten. He made lots of friends at
there. He didn't ashame about his body and explained
about his arms and legs to his friends.

In elementary school, he was active and cheery.
One day, teacher told to students 'Pick up the garbage.'
The other students picked up the garbage with their
hands. Instead, Oto picked up the garbage with his
mouth. He didn't think 'I'm different.' He tried to do
everything himself. He accomplished many things
that other disabled people said could not be done.
He tried to play baseball, basketball and swim. He
always have courage.

He experienced many things in high school, too.
He likes festivals. He was the movie director one time.
He had directed the movie at the school festival
before he graduated high school. He doesn't give up
before he tries somethings. He studied hard, too. He
wanted to go to Waseda University, but he had got a
terrible score before he studied hard. He studied as
hard as other students. He doesn't have arms, but
he writes with his mouth. He studied hard and he
passed the ezam and went to Waseda University.

Now, he lives independently. He does 'Barrier
Free' motion. This is motion for gives courage to
people. He went Korea for 'Barrier Free', too. He
will study hard and does 'Barrier Free' motion,
continuously. He wants to give courage and hope
to people.

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