Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Person who live remarkable

I think Thomas A Edison is remarkable person. He invented more than 1,300 thing so his another name is 'King at inventing'. He had strong patience and perseverance so he could invent more than 1,300 thing. He did not give up and try again and again. I think his life is amazing.
Edison's perseverance and courage succeeded in the face of difficulties.
1847, Thomas Edison was born at USA, state of Ohio. Edison's mother thought that he could not live long because he was very weak when he was born. He had moved to a new house before he entered school. 1885 when he was eight, he stopped to go to the school. He went school only three month. He was always the last. His teacher thought, that he was stupid. His mother knew it, his mother taught him. His mother had taught children before Edison was born. Edison's favorite book was 'Science class'. He tried all experiments. He saw a 'Science class' book and tried it. Sometimes it explode. He was twelve, he sold newspaper. He said when " I was twelve, I was most happy than other time." 1836, he was sixteen he decided to become telegraph engineer.
He grew up, he was working. In 1871, he got his first office and in 1876, he got laboratory at New Jersey state. 6 years late, he started to provide electricity Edison bulb company Ful powerhouse. In 1869, he held a patent right for stock ticker. In 1877, he invented a talking machine. He invented the light bulb too. He failed 400 times but he did not give up and invented again and again. Finally he can invented the light bulb.
He was already dead but in people's minds, he lived there. I think, his life is remarkable. When he was eight, he was expelled from school because he always the lowest. But he grew up to be very nice. I think Edison is a really remarkable person.

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  1. Good essay! I wonder if there are any modern day Edisons out there. Do you think you would like to be an inventor? Why or why not?